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Community Impact

We’ve been [to The Faith Center] only 2 times so far, but the atmosphere of love and feeling welcomed was there. The worship was beautiful and the message was definitely a message that you can tell that he spends time b4 God and in the Word bcz the teachings were Super powerful. We are looking for a church that wants to impact the community not just with preaching but with actions but we haven’t been able to connect to one yet. But we are truly hoping this might be the one. —Glorimar R.


Blended Family of Worshipers

My home, my place of worship. Pastor John and his wife Pam are great leaders who have a blended family of worshipers. Great place to hear sermons straight from the bible. Nothing but love in this house! —Angel S.


Love the Church

Love the church, love the pastors, love the atmosphere, and love the word… —Jesse G.

Awesome place

Awesome place to be [with] awesome people awesome service nothing but love and I thank God for guiding my path to this church. It’s a wonderful church happy that GOD show me to a place of worship and love thank you Father —Miguel N.


Place to be

A PLACE TO BE if you want to have some mighty teachings with a man of God… —Elisee S.



Very blessed to attend a really great church. — Neil F.


So wow!

So wow! What a blessing it was to celebrate Eliana! All with great company. I was truly blessed and received a great message! —Lorraine B.

You'll never be the same

If you are looking for a church to congregate, we invite you to our multicultural church where the power of the Lord is manifested through the spoken word of Revelalion, Encouragement, Wisdom and Anointing in the voice of our Pastor Antonucci. I declare that your life will never be the same!! —Emili G.


knew I was home

When I first visited this church in February of this year, I knew I was home. There is such a special anointing of God there. Pastor Antonucci is led by the Spirit and lives are being changed forever to the glory of Jesus!! —Debby A.


Love it

Love it!! —Demitria H.


Enjoy the worship

I enjoyed the worship and praise team. Looking forward to visiting this church again. —Carmen B.

Powerful stuff

I’m a member of Mount Hermon ministries & decided to visit Faith Fellowship. God has been working on me for quite some time now, so Pastor John’s sermon was right on time! He talked about the importance of renewing one’s mind, and feeding the soul, spirit & mind with scripture so as to elevate one’s thinking. Powerful stuff. I was well received by the church. I will visit again in the near future. Thank you for the experience! —Jessica F.


Home for 11+ years

The Faith Center has been my church home for 11+ years and during that time I have grown, matured, been strengthened and encouraged in the Word of God. —Christina H.


Perfect place for imperfect people

The perfect place for imperfect people like me. Come experience for yourself… —Karl B.


Love it

Love it!! —Christina C.

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